Unemployment of young people in the world [Infographic]

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October 14, 2013 by michaeldikson

In many countries, youth unemployment is seen as a local problem. But more appropriate lens through which we need to look at is the global one.
Unemployment among young people grows as an epidemic that threatens the economic growth and social stability in the decades that followed. According to the official report of last year, 75 million people aged fewer than 25 were jobless in 2012, up 4 million more compared to 2007.
The crisis has changed family dynamics. Parents must care for their adult children, and young unemployed people feel humiliated and deprived. Governments tend to fund unemployment benefits and a number of young people fail in unemployment even deeper than before.

Infographic - Unemployment among young people in the world

The growing shortage of jobs for young people around the world is mostly caused by the world financial crisis that emerged in the United States and spread throughout Europe. “Huffington Post” exhausted its resources around the world to show the consequences of this crisis.
The report focuses on the affected group of utmost importance: those who have graduated and still cannot find a work. These young people suffer, but the society also suffering. Experts warn that this could be a significant setback in the economic growth of many countries.

Today, 40 % of Italians under 30 are unemployed. Nearly 27 % of unemployed Spaniards have college degrees. Unemployment among young people in Egypt amounted to 39 % last year. In France, nearly one in four citizens under 25 is unemployed. In the UK, 960,000 people in the same age group are unemployed, or about one in five.

26 million Europeans aged 16 to 24 looking for a job today!
This is our starting point. How to get a new job blog will help you better understand working protocols and find a new job easily that average, according to your qualifications. Stay tuned, more posts are coming in the following period.


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